Citrus Rose-Ade Cocktail with Rose Simple Syrup


Summer just got a whole lot cooler with this Citrus Rose-Ade.

Citrus Rose-Ade

Citrus, roses, and vodka. How can you argue with that?

Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite summertime cocktails, Citrus Rose-Ade. This flavorful citrus drink is sure to please any of your guests you are entertaining this summer.

In fact, I served this beverage to my friends and family the other night along with a fun cheese board and my delicious red beet hummus.

To make the rose-ade, you first need to make the rosehips simple syrup. I have used this syrup once before while making a roseships jam. It’s got that hint of floral that adds a great flavor and scent to this drink.

Once the syrup is made and cooled, mix together the rest of the drink ingredients. I like to use about half a can of  La Croix melon grapefruit to add a nice touch of carbonation and flavor to the drink. Depending on your pitcher size you can add less or more.


To finish up, I like to add a sprig of thyme to each of the glasses. It’s a simple garnish that makes this drink look fancy!

Check out the Recipe for Citrus Rose-Ade. 

Why You Should Cure Your Salmon With Beets


Cured with beets? Say what?!

Yes! Isn’t the color insanely beautiful. And you know how much I love my color (hello purple sweet potato gnocchi)!

Today I am sharing with you a fantastic way to cure your own salmon with beets.

First off, curing salmon gives it a fantastic flavor and texture. Ever have gravlax before? Yup! This is the same thing with a hint of beets.

How To Cure Salmon


Back in the day cooks used to cure salmon with salt to preserve the freshness in the fish. Today we do not have to cure to preserve the fish, but rather we like to cure fish to experience a different taste and texture.

The first thing you need to do is buy a beautiful and fresh side of salmon. Look for pieces with lots of fat– those add the most flavor while it cures. I always recommend speaking with your local fish monger (you know the ones who run the seafood department in the grocery stores). They will be able to help you pick out the best fish possible for your recipe.

Next, take your curing ingredients (including the grated beets) and rub them on your salmon. Your hands might get a little pink, but it washes right off. Olivia was so excited to see my hands turn pink!

Finally, you seal your fish in an air tight container and wait. Yes, wait! This cure will take at least 72 hours to work, so place the salmon in the fridge and come back to it later.

I like to serve the cured salmon on some bread with a cup of tea. Delish!

Salmon Cured

Get The Recipe For Beet Cured Salmon Here.

Making Gnocchi with Purple Sweet Potatoes


Purple Sweet Potatoes add a fun color to this gnocchi.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Aren’t these gnocchi so colorful? I have to thank my sister-in-law for giving me some purple sweet potatoes to try. They are the perfect shade for spring and summer!

Have you ever tried purple sweet potatoes before?

This root vegetable can be found in specify grocery stores and places with tropical climates like Hawaii.

They taste sweet and have a creamy texture when cooked which makes it perfect to make delicious gnocchi. I really love adding something like sage to complement the sweetness in these potatoes.

I like using sweet potatoes, either regular or purple for gnocchi because of their starch content. I believe it produces a creamier and more tender dough.

Speaking of which, today I am going to show you exactly how I make my gnocchi.

First, we need to bake our potatoes until they are tender, about an hour in the oven. After the potatoes have cooled enough to handle I like to peel the skin off and run them through a ricer to get a really fine texture. This ensures that no lumps make it into the dough!

Next, the dough is made by forming a mound of flour, salt, the sweet potatoes, and an egg. Get your hands messy and fold it all together.

Roll the dough out and cut it into small pillows making sure not to handle it too much. You want these gnocchi to be as soft as clouds.

Next you boil them in water for a few minutes and make a fun citrus beurre blanc to serve on top.

Get the full recipe here for Purple Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Citrus Beurre Blanc.

Making a Beurre Blanc For Your Fish


Make this buttery beurre blanc sauce to accompany your favorite fish dish.

Have you ever had beurre blanc before?

It’s one of my favorite sauces to eat with fish, especially salmon.

This french sauce (literally translates to white butter) is a hot emulsified butter sauce with vinegar and white wine. Almost like a Hollandaise sauce in nature, it emulsifies to form a beautiful and tasty sauce perfect for the addition of herbs to infuse flavor.

To begin, reduce the white wine and white wine vinegar by bringing it up to a boil and simmering for a few minutes to reduce. Then off the heat whisk in small chunks of cold butter slowly. This will emulsify and create a luxurious sauce.

I personally like to add some thyme and tarragon to my sauce to make it pop.

What are you going to serve this sauce on?

I recently made this Baked Salmon, a fast sheet pan meal, and decided that this beurre blanc would be an amazing addition.

Want to try the recipe yourself? Get the recipe for Baked Salmon with Beurre Blanc here.

How To Poach Eggs Perfectly


Learn how to perfectly poach eggs with this Turmeric Poached Egg recipe.

Poached Eggs

Poached eggs are one of my favorite ways to prepare eggs. Whether it be Eggs Benedict or this turmeric poached egg, the basics of the dishes are simple: an egg cooked in a warm liquid.

Have you ever poached an egg before?

Today I am going to share with you the basic technique of poaching eggs. It’s a great technique that really elevates any egg dish.

First, fill up your pot with water and add a splash of vinegar. This helps coagulate the egg.

Next bring your pot to a boil and reduce to a simmer. You don’t want the water to boil otherwise it will scramble to egg.

The best way to ensure that the egg white wraps around the yolk is to slowly stir the water while adding the egg into the middle of the whirlpool will force the egg white to attach to the yolk.

Finally, remove the egg with a slotted spoon and place into a water bath to stop the cooking process. (If you are cooking a small amount of eggs you can skip this step and serve them immediately). Once you have cooked all of your eggs reheat them gently in warm water and blot with a paper towel to absorb the excess water.

Want to add a little turmeric into the mix? Try my Turmeric Poached Eggs Recipe.