Citrus Rose-Ade Cocktail with Rose Simple Syrup


Summer just got a whole lot cooler with this Citrus Rose-Ade.

Citrus Rose-Ade

Citrus, roses, and vodka. How can you argue with that?

Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite summertime cocktails, Citrus Rose-Ade. This flavorful citrus drink is sure to please any of your guests you are entertaining this summer.

In fact, I served this beverage to my friends and family the other night along with a fun cheese board and my delicious red beet hummus.

To make the rose-ade, you first need to make the rosehips simple syrup. I have used this syrup once before while making a roseships jam. It’s got that hint of floral that adds a great flavor and scent to this drink.

Once the syrup is made and cooled, mix together the rest of the drink ingredients. I like to use about half a can of  La Croix melon grapefruit to add a nice touch of carbonation and flavor to the drink. Depending on your pitcher size you can add less or more.


To finish up, I like to add a sprig of thyme to each of the glasses. It’s a simple garnish that makes this drink look fancy!

Check out the Recipe for Citrus Rose-Ade.