Why You Should Cure Your Salmon With Beets

Cured with beets? Say what?!

Yes! Isn’t the color insanely beautiful. And you know how much I love my color (hello purple sweet potato gnocchi)!

Today I am sharing with you a fantastic way to cure your own salmon with beets.

First off, curing salmon gives it a fantastic flavor and texture. Ever have gravlax before? Yup! This is the same thing with a hint of beets.

How To Cure Salmon


Back in the day cooks used to cure salmon with salt to preserve the freshness in the fish. Today we do not have to cure to preserve the fish, but rather we like to cure fish to experience a different taste and texture.

The first thing you need to do is buy a beautiful and fresh side of salmon. Look for pieces with lots of fat– those add the most flavor while it cures. I always recommend speaking with your local fish monger (you know the ones who run the seafood department in the grocery stores). They will be able to help you pick out the best fish possible for your recipe.

Next, take your curing ingredients (including the grated beets) and rub them on your salmon. Your hands might get a little pink, but it washes right off. Olivia was so excited to see my hands turn pink!

Finally, you seal your fish in an air tight container and wait. Yes, wait! This cure will take at least 72 hours to work, so place the salmon in the fridge and come back to it later.

I like to serve the cured salmon on some bread with a cup of tea. Delish!

Salmon Cured

Get The Recipe For Beet Cured Salmon Here.

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