Picking Strawberries with My Family

It’s strawberry season! Spend the day outdoors and pick some of your own.


One of our family’s favorite outdoor activities is driving to our local U-Pick and spending the day picking (and eating) all the strawberries we can!

In fact you can find your local U-Pick here.

As you can see, Olivia loves it! I think she ate more than she added to our basket.

There’s a few things you need to look for when picking your own strawberries: the color, the size, and of course, the flavor!

You’ll see a lot of berries on the plant so make sure you pick out the best. I like to pick up the brightest berries that are free of blemishes and are fairly heavy for their size. If the berry seems soft it might be on the way to an overripe stage, so those you have to either eat fast or use in a recipe such as a cooked strawberry jam.

Today we are looking for those perfect berries that are firm and fully ripe. We are making Strawberry Salsa!

Strawberry Salsa

I love this Strawberry salsa because it is spicy, sweet, and acidic. And I found the salsa pairs perfectly with soft scrambled egg tacos.

Whip up some scrambled eggs and place them in a warmed tortilla. Top with my strawberry salsa and your breakfast is ready to go.

Egg tacos

Get the Recipe for my Strawberry Salsa.

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