How To Butterfly Chickens

Learn how to create this beautiful chicken dish to impress your family and friends.

Chicken is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Whenever I am having friends or family over for dinner I love to make chicken because it’s fast and flavorful.

Today I am making Cast Iron Chicken which has been butterflied.

Say what? What’s butterflied chicken you ask?

As you can see in the picture. It’s essentially a flattened cut of chicken which makes it easier to bake as well as beautiful to the eye.

To butterfly your own chicken, place the chicken breast side down on your clean cutting board. Then use a pair kitchen shears to debone the back of the chicken. Cut the backbone of the chicken by cutting along both sides of the spine. You can then save the backbone to make your own stock (but that’s another post).

Now you want to flatten the chicken out a little bit more. Open the back and flip the chicken over. Put pressure on the breast of the chicken and push down. This will help flatten the chicken.

I really enjoy this method of cooking chicken because it’s faster than roasting a whole chicken. Plus when it’s time to serve it’s easy to cut off individual portions of the chicken.

Try out my Cast Iron Chicken tonight!

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