Zucchini Focaccia

This vegetarian focaccia makes a perfect party appetizer.

Zucchini Flatbread

There’s nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread. And this focaccia doesn’t disappoint, it’s yeast and rosemary scent will waft through every room in your house. I wish they sold a candle with this scent!

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about yeast breads. While they may seem daunting, they are actually quite fun to make!

There are few things you have to mindful of when making yeast breads:

  • The temperature of the water
  • The rise time
  • Over/undermixing

Temperature of Water

The temperature of the water is very important when making a yeast dough because the water is essentially what “wakes up” the yeast. Too cold and the yeast will not rise and too hot and the yeast will die. A good indication of a perfect temperature is just above your own body temperature, so the water will feel slightly warm, almost like a lukewarm bath. Any warmer or cooler than this the bread will not rise properly.


The Rise Time

The ample rise time for this dough is about two hours, or until it has doubled in size. If your kitchen is warmer it may take less time. A great tip to know when the dough is ready is to poke a dent in the dough. If the dent remains without trying to move your dough is ready.

Dough on sheet pan

Over/ Undermixing

Since this dough is meant to be chewy, it’s pretty hard to over mix your dough. Instead make sure that your dough is properly kneaded to ensure that it is chewy and able to roll into a smooth ball. This should take about 8 minutes, so roll up your sleeves and get your arm workout in for the day!


Get the recipe for my Zucchini Focaccia Here.

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