Spring Risotto

Preparing dinner with my family is one of my favorite parts of the day.

Cooking with my family

I’m a chef, mother, and wife who understands the struggle to balance work and family. While sometimes I think it would be easier just to go out to eat, I really enjoy spending time with my family in the preparation of dinner.

In fact, I think my little one Olivia is following in my footsteps!

Mother and Daughter Cooking

Olivia and I have so much fun cooking together and it is our special way of bonding. I believe she understands or at least I think she understands what Mommy is doing in the kitchen. We recently purchased a play kitchen set from  Giggle and I love watching her mimic me with every stir and taste.

I hope that she learns the importance of cooking and nourishing her body. Which is why we try to find the best seasonal produce at our local farmer’s market,  The Union Square Greenmarket. In fact, I wrote about my love for our local famers market in one of my recent posts.  Click here to read it. 

While browsing the stands at the market I came across some beautiful stalks of ramps (a great find!). They have an onion-garlic flavor and are typically foraged. I knew I had to take some home.

Today, Olivia and I are making a delicious ramp asparagus risotto. If you have ever made risotto before, you’ll know how important it is to get that creamy al dente texture. The secret is vegetable stock or any stock. The more liquid that is stirred in the creamier the risotto becomes. Olivia loves watching me chop, season, and stir. She loves it so much that she has to join in on the fun so I pop her on my hip for a better view.

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